“You’re a manager” in YouTube iOS App

I’m sharing this solution because apparently nobody else has. Shocking really but repeatable (this has happened to me at least 4 times now).


In my experience, in both the YouTube app for iPad and iPhone (iOS), something changes (unclear what) and the app starts to behave differently (Crappy):

  1. The app says “You’re a manager” at the bottom
  2. I can’t like videos
  3. Other functionality is disabled


Super annoying and no clarity on how it happens or what to do about it.


So far, the only fix has been to delete the app from my device and re-add it. If someone finds a simpler way or explanation, please let me know. But for now, this fix worked for me each time I ran into this. I simply deleted/uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and logged back into my YouTube account.

Hope this helps someone. ??