What Are You Doing to Fill Your Cup?

What’s filling your cup?

Filling your cup is all about finding things you love and doing those things. I just got back from Maui (KeiHei to be precise), which I am now infatuated with. This is where I should be living, and I’m working my way towards it.

Pursuing what I love is how I started Regroove. I love learning about new technology and discovering new tech. And I enjoy sharing it with whomever cares to listen.

This year, I’m excited. I’m going to be focusing back on engineering change on the floor and not being in the tower. I need to learn again and experience new things for the first time that I then want to keep learning about and sharing with others.

There’s this story, I won’t go into too great of detail about it, but the gist is … like the Mexican fisherman, sitting on the beach and he’s just fishing. He’s just loving what he’s doing and he’s successful at it. Some fancy bloke comes along and tries to convince him to get a bunch of boats.

And so he can scale and be big and rich and famous, but have more money, more options. Also, he can do what he loves, which is sitting on the beach fishing, which is exactly what he’s already doing.

So I’m getting back to doing what I love, which is helping others embrace change with technology. As this year unfolds, I will be getting back to the basics.

For more, please check out the video below.

My question to all of you as you enter 2022 is, are you doing what fills your cup? Are you doing what makes you happy? Or are you just doing what pays the bills? Do you have a plan? If you don’t, are you taking action? Are you shifting things? And if you’re not, I challenge you to take some time to think about that. Let me know in the comments below.