Tips for cutting off the oxygen supply of negative information during troubling times

Hey friends,

I made this video after the Ukraine/Russia stuff starting to really escalate.

Anyone with a phone and an Internet connection can see the battle in Ukraine, or at least a version of it, unfold live online. Posts are flying up quicker than most fact-checkers and moderators can handle on social media, and they’re a volatile combination of true, false, out-of-context, and blatant propagandist messages. So, how do you avoid all of these?

Seeing friends mentally struggle all through COVID (including myself) was bad enough but seeing it escalate all over again with this latest conflict, I just felt the need to share a few tips/suggestions for how to pull yourself away from constantly being hit in the face by information you can’t control and that you will get anyways. Maybe take a few things from here and apply it in your life?

Wishing you all happiness.


Check out the video below: