Tell the TRUTH, it’s easy to REMEMBER

“Tell the truth. It’s easy to remember.” This is one of our key company values.

Telling the truth frees you of having to bull? later. Our entire team at Regroove has adopted this mindset, and the results have been incredible.

A member of our team completed work for one of my friends, and told the truth about having never completed this exact type of project, but being excited to do it. The friend told me the following, “You should tell your people not to say that to the customer and give the vibe or confidence that you know everything.” My response was, “That’s awesome that he told you he didn’t know how to do it…”

We try to deliver value in everything we do, but that doesn’t mean we know how to do everything. We are hungry and willing to learn, and honest about it.

I’d love to hear of any truths you had to tell that were hard to tell and what the outcome of that was. Are you telling the truth because it’s easy to remember? Let me know in the comments below.