Seamless is my trigger word

You’ve certainly seen one of the popular ‘budget vs. brief’ memes on social media. Many people find it difficult to bridge the gap between a client’s marketing budget and the services/results they expect.

This brings up my trigger word for today, seamless.

Often most customers/clients want services that gets rid of all potential frustration points, but can they really match the cost? Asking for quick, inexpensive services that are seamless is a big red flag. So if we’re going to be proactive; if we’re going to do lots of work and lots of analyzing, and you’ve got a budget, let’s talk about seamless. But if you’re not, then let’s talk about being reactive.

Unfortunately, we work in an industry where sharks abound, making even the most discerning client’s avoidance of being bitten exceedingly difficult. How do we bridge the gap between expectations and budget without losing business to cold-calling competitors who offer to do things ‘better and cheaper’ on a daily basis?

Clients are bombarded with BS ‘cheaper’ offers from global and local service providers on a daily basis. Most of the time, those providers lack the expertise to provide the results they promise, but by the time the client abandons ship in search of a lower price, the damage has already been done.