Put In your Own Mesh | Mesh WiFi vs Routers

What networking system do you use at home? While routers are the most frequent method of connecting your home devices to the internet, they aren’t the only one.

Mesh networks are gradually gaining popularity as a viable option. Mesh networks operate in a unique way. There is no single computer, switch, or hub that handles all computer traffic. Instead, each device on the mesh network can communicate with each other.

So, what are the benefits?

  1. Easy network management – One of the primary differences between mesh-router systems and regular routers is the ease with which they provide network access. Many mesh-router systems are completely automated, allowing for convenient management via a smartphone app even while you’re not at home. It’s significantly faster to set up a mesh system with a smartphone app than it is to plug into a router and configure a device through a browser dashboard.
  2. Streamlined connections – Range extenders are commonly used with regular routers to repeat the signal so that Wi-Fi can be accessed from a long distance. Even the greatest Wi-Fi extenders, however, require you to build a new network for the range extender, with its own identity. As a result, you may need to manually switch Wi-Fi networks as you walk around the house.
  3. Tight security – Some residential mesh-router kits come with good security support in addition to easy management. It’s easy to maintain your router devices safe – many of them automatically scan for and install firmware upgrades.

I talked about my preference in the video below. Please check it out.