Reasons I’m not a fan of most insurance companies

The world of insurance can be complicated and difficult to comprehend. Regardless of whether an insurance business is a major corporation or a little office in your neighborhood, the purpose is the same: to make money. As a result, the insurance sector has grown to be enormously profitable and successful … and often, soul-less.

I have experienced first hand (and in discussions with others), that many insurance companies exploit their customers by employing unethical business practices. Sales and emotional exploitation tactics leave a lot of people financially enslaved.

Don’t get me wrong, purchasing insurance can, in essence, provide a person with peace of mind. It has the potential to safeguard a person in the event of an accident. Insurance companies and their plans, on the other hand, are are far from flawless. I share a story of being duped into something very expensive that pulled on my heart strings and once “in it”, I kept thinking about how far into it I already was … vs stopping it altogether and calling it a lesson learned. Welp, now it is a lesson learned.

What’s your story with insurance?

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