How I use Reflector 4 to screen mirror for iOS and PC

Reflector 4 is a powerful all-in-one screen mirroring and streaming receiver. You can screen mirror iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows PC and Chromebook screens to Mac and Windows computers and larger displays.

Among some of the things you can do with Reflector 4 include;

  • Mirror one or more device screens simultaneously to Mac/Windows computers and larger displays
  • Record shared content
  • Add voiceover audio and webcam video to create tutorials
  • Stream media files to larger displays and better speakers
  • Live stream mobile gameplay

Obviously, no cables, adapters or confusing hardware required. Reflector works wirelessly with the devices you use every day. You get the option to replace cables, adapters and other hardware with a single app.

The core technology that powers Reflector was completely rewritten for Reflector 4. It combines the latest tech advancements and years of development work to offer reliable, high-performance screen mirroring.

Starting at $19.99, Reflector receives connections from the Google Cast, Miracast and AirPlay protocols that are native to your devices so you can screen mirror and stream without any additional software or hardware

Check out how I use it below.