Dude Diligence

Continuous improvement and always being a better me, is the key. These posts are in that vein and meant to help others live to their potential.

Cool Stuff

Life is full of cool stuff and opportunities. This is some of the things I've discovered along the way.

Fun Stuff

I love to laugh and sometimes I'm even responsible for making others laugh. This is where you'll stumble across some of that stuff, borrowed or otherwise.

Music Stuff

I've been a drummer for 40+ years including touring the US, Canada and Europe and evan on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. Stuff about music will be found here.

Other Stuff

If it doesn't fit in one of the other categories, you'll find it here. A pot pourri, misceallaneous, whatever you want to call it.

Tech Stuff

A lot of my content will be in the nerd/geek vein and you'll find that stuff here. Computers, Tesla, SpaceX, Elon, whatever.