Businesses today are increasingly using sophisticated technology to support their operations and complex decision-making. Although clients may not feel comfortable asking for discretion, they certainly appreciate it.

Picture this, senior managers sitting around a boardroom table. Edgy and ready to discuss their disruptive new technology, I come on board to solve their internal problems by leveraging my experience in IT, media, and technology.

Alongside their enthusiasm, I sense hesitation and utter: “I hope this goes without saying that for the record, anything we discuss or do is confidential.” I immediately observe a collective sigh of relief. I understand that my clients may not feel comfortable asking for discretion, but they always appreciate it.

Since the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people working from home. In a digital world where coffee shops are offices and cellphones are banks, client confidentiality is lapsing. We can’t unpost or unsay unpopular opinions and observations.

I am available for high-profile clients whose businesses need a high degree of sensitivity and those who need a trusted discretionary advisor. Someone who offers sound judgment and ongoing confidentiality.

So What

I’m interested in helping remarkable clients solve unusual problems and giving them access to a trusted IT advisor without risking their reputation. Our collaborative work is always above board—honest work, hard-working clients. I’m not looking for constant work; I’m constantly looking for compelling work!

After almost 30 years in technology and 40 years in music and entertainment, I bring an international skill set to the table. Canada, US, Bermuda, UK, Switzerland, and the Caymans; I deliver an international flair for marketing, sales, IT, HR, finance, legal, and security.

Although client profiles are somewhat atypical, their problems are frequently typical. Cyber security, outdated software, new technology integration, Cloud migration, hosting, data recovery, and the need for general guidance.

Now What

When choosing your IT discretion advisor, I suggest a professional with an established reputation. Hey, that’s me! I’m not cheap, but I’m really good.

To learn more about how I can support your business while protecting your privacy, please get in touch for a confidential chat.