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“You’re a manager” in YouTube iOS App

I’m sharing this solution because apparently nobody else has. Shocking really but repeatable (this has happened to me at least

Logomaker REVIEW | A great tool for easily conceptualizing your next logo was recently acquired but still works in a pinch. Great tool for asking ‘all the questions about your feel

3rd Party Backups for Microsoft 365? That’s a big ‘meh’ for me.

I get asked often whether there is a backup solution that we recommend for Microsoft 365. This is only my

How to enable sending emails as an alias in Microsoft 365 and Exchange and creating rules for filing

The ability to send from proxy addresses or secondary aliases on a mailbox has long been demanded by Exchange account

How I use Reflector 4 to screen mirror for iOS and PC

Reflector 4 is a powerful all-in-one screen mirroring and streaming receiver. You can screen mirror iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows

Recording amazing videos using Center Stage on the iPad

Center Stage uses machine learning to adjust the front-facing Ultra Wide camera when you use video apps such as FaceTime on your compatible

We’re only doing short agreements moving forward

I’m tired of hearing the phrase, “it’s always been done this way.” We’re going to make changes this year, and

Put In your Own Mesh | Mesh WiFi vs Routers

What networking system do you use at home? While routers are the most frequent method of connecting your home devices

REGROOVE is recruiting!

Regroove Solutions Inc (Regroove) is a cloud first technology consulting company with a strong focus on helping teams harness technology

“Cheating” at testing security?

Put succinctly, information security is the sum of the people, processes, and technology implemented within an organization to protect information