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A story of self-sabotage (2 of 2). My last cruise ship gig

“How come I keep doing this?” “How is it that this keeps occurring to me?” When you feel imprisoned in

A story of self-sabotage (1 of 2). My last musical theatre gig

Self-sabotage occurs when we actively harm ourselves physically, intellectually, or emotionally, or when we undermine our own success and happiness

Care what YOU think | #SeanSays

I just turned 50 and I’m in the best mental and physical shape of my life. One thing I learned

We’re only doing short agreements moving forward

I’m tired of hearing the phrase, “it’s always been done this way.” We’re going to make changes this year, and

Tell the TRUTH, it’s easy to REMEMBER

“Tell the truth. It’s easy to remember.” This is one of our key company values. Telling the truth frees you

Tips for cutting off the oxygen supply of negative information during troubling times

Hey friends, I made this video after the Ukraine/Russia stuff starting to really escalate. Anyone with a phone and an

Meet my integrity board, in Trello

Continuous improvement (dude diligence) and knowing why and how to do life well is key for me. You might already

Why I prefer self check-outs in grocery stores

There are already countless stores that offer self-service checkout, yet many still use the cashier system. Today, we learn why

What Are You Doing to Fill Your Cup?

What’s filling your cup? Filling your cup is all about finding things you love and doing those things. I just

My [roughly] 42-minute morning miracle

Belated Happy New Year. I hope 2022 is off to a great start for you. When it comes to establishing