Care what YOU think | #SeanSays

I just turned 50 and I’m in the best mental and physical shape of my life. One thing I learned is the need to move away from caring about what others thought, to caring about what matters; caring about what I think.

Our concerns about what other people think of us are often exaggerated and not worth worrying about.

It’s understandable and, to some extent, rational to pay attention to other people’s perspectives.

We all want to be liked and admired for our diverse abilities, fiery intellect, excellent attitude, and dazzling personality.

But we get into problems when we start to rely on what other people think of us and make their opinion crucial to our success. We begin to alter our lives to meet the expectations of others, and the cycle continues. When we hand over our power to others and allow their perceptions to shape our identity, we lose sight of who we truly are. We can only perceive ourselves as we believe others view us.

I shared my thoughts about why you should care about what you think in a video. Watch it below.