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Give the gift of hockey–Royals Holiday Combo

November 24, 2011

The Victoria Royals have a holiday ticket special Holiday Combo  55 – 4 games plus toque Kids Club 25  – includes tickets, t-shirt, gifts and more for 12 and under

Our Server Naming Convention Explained

November 23, 2011

Someone asked today what/how we name our servers (what is the logic behind it?).  Here’s an illustration which breaks it down visually: Some of the benefits of this convention include: Consistency Sorting Identifying locations and assets Easy to remember

4 Things to Look for in a SharePoint Consultant

November 14, 2011

Where do you first look for an outsourced IT/SharePoint provider? That’s a question a lot of business owners and managers don’t know how to answer, and it’s not their fault. After all, if you don’t know a great deal about technology – and why should you, when you have a company to run? – Then Read More

Come Say Hi at Vancouver Tech Days

November 11, 2011

Hey folks, If you are in Vancouver and more specifically at Vancouver Tech Days, come by and say “hi”.  I’ll be proctoring the End-to-End Microsoft Business Intelligence lab as well as attending the festivities. Hope to see you there. Sean

Access Denied to a site collection, even to SharePoint Site Collection Administrators

November 5, 2011

This is now the second time I’ve seen this, but it is still a rarity and you should only do the following in extreme circumstances once you’ve determined it isn’t something else. The Problem A SharePoint Farm is humming along nicely when WHAM! all of a sudden you can’t login to your SharePoint Web Application, Read More

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