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Anonymous Saving and Submitting InfoPath Forms to a SharePoint 2010 Document Library

January 13, 2011

Publish InfoPath forms as anonymous in SharePoint 2010

I had a customer request today that had the following business requirements:


  • SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Web Based Forms
  • Anonymous posting/submission of forms



By the way, this is not recommended of course.

But sometimes you have to do what you have to do, or because a customer insists :-)


There are many resources that suggest that this is NOT SUPPORTED, and NOT RECOMMENDED. Including the dialog box itself reminding you of such.





First, I found these MOSS 2007 references

The first article was the clue… but the problem is, with the new Dialog Forms in SharePoint, I couldn’t simply change the URL in the Address bar. But I *could* still discover it.



Here’s how I achieved the same in SharePoint 2010




Notice the options are greyed out/unavailable…




The trick is to right click on the modal dialog and choose properties…





Select the URL for this Modal Dialog form…




Paste the URL into your browser and then replace the text DOCLIB with LIST




And then hit enter to submit the page with the modified URL, and then set your permissions (typically just Add Items, hopefully you aren’t allowing Delete ;)…





That’s it. The dialog will always show the newly checked ‘Add Items’ permission when you select the dialog in this manner. However, if you just click on the Anonymous Access button as always, it will still show the default behaviour/settings, as illustrated below.







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